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House without cord

Fully self-catering villa

House without cord

On May 1, 2016, Wenngarn has been a very interesting house. White and neat in the row of red villas.

Almost like a regular villa - except it is self-sufficient.

Just as the name, House without cord, indicates, the house is not connected to electricity, water or sewer. With the help of many smart solutions from different companies, the house should be as environmentally friendly and energy efficient as possible.

Among other things, all electricity comes from renewable sources, the shower recycles its water and the sewage treatment is seen as a nice pond in the garden. Maybe this is how we will build our houses in the future?

The house is now inaugurated, but the project will not stop just for that! Development will continue and more ideas will come into play.

The house is now rented out as a concept house within the framework of our hotel business to inspire and educate.

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If you want to read more about the work with Hus without cable, you can look at the website via the link below.