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The Ball Hall

Historical Hiking Part 12

The Ball Hall

Soon after the establishment of the establishment arose the need for a gathering and sports hall for inmates and employees. The ball house was erected in the 1920s in a classicist style. The exterior's white painted colonnade against the red panel and the striking roof rider give the building a temp-like atmosphere.

The ball house became a hub for leisure activities at Wenngarn. Here collections were held, cinemas were shown and much more. For example, Logen was formed Queen Disa, which took in both employees and intake members from the age of 14. Here, poems were read, sung and played.

After the state discontinued operations in 1983, the Lewi Pethrus Foundation continued with similar activities. However with the addition of worship services. In the development work at Wenngarn we relate to the history of Bollhuset. The house will accommodate both children's activities and youth farms and will be used as a gathering and party room by larger companies.

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