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The alley village, Viby village and the Viby letter

Historical Hiking Part 8

The alley village, Viby village and the Viby letter

This avenue is one of three roads that coalesce at the castle and originate in the castle's ground plan from the 17th century. The trees were planted in the 1790s.


The south road leads to Viby village which has been part of Wenngarn's farm complex since the Middle Ages. Viby is mentioned in Sweden's oldest letter dated 1164-1167, which is about a dispute between Doter and her son Gere regarding a donation of the land to Cistercian monks in Viby. The dispute was resolved by King Knut Eriksson donating parts of his own land in Julita in Sörmland to the monks.

Archaeological investigations have been carried out in Viby to find the remains of the monastery, but without success. Instead, a Romanesque farm church dating to the 11th century and early 11th century was found. It should have been located on a farm and is probably a church that Doter himself or her family had built.

One of Sweden's largest silver treasures, of about 4 kg, was found in May 1789 by the boy Anders Ersson a few hundred meters southeast of Wenngarn and near Viby. The treasure consisted of several thousand silver coins, silver chains, silver jewelery, silver bars, cast silver crosses and bronze weights. The treasure is from the late 1000's and thus contemporary with the church and the yard in Viby.

The early Romanesque church, the silver treasure and the king's interference indicate that Doter and Gere had a very high social standing.

The pavilion

Closer to us, at the end of the avenue, lies a yellow house called the pavilion. It was built in 1932 as extra accommodation for the interns. As the facility grew, in the 1940s and 1950s, functional houses were built in the alley. These were used as staff housing.

Next part

The next part of the historical walk is found at the red liquor house, the little house near the bell tower, on the side facing the alley village.

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