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History at Wenngarn

Historical Hiking Part 1

History at Wenngarn

Wenngarn is a place with 1000 years of history and 1000 years of future. Sweden's oldest preserved letter from 1164 deals with the Wenngarn area, and through the centuries, the Vasa family, statesmen, knights and the Swedish Council have lived and ruled here. History is part of our present and future, it provides inspiration and creates a creative environment.

Wenngarn is today a vibrant village community adapted to human needs and conditions. A place that wants to inspire and advance a positive social development and future. History and stories are an important part of Wenngarn's future as a vibrant village community. Therefore, we open up and offer opportunities to share that story but also to participate, develop and participate in creating new stories and new stories.

Next part

The next part of the historic walk is along the walkway from the parking lot to the castle at the history sign of the oldest time (not the alley road to the pond but the smaller path).

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